Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Guess what! I joined AirAsia Airline to be a flight attendant.
A brand new life is going to start soon?
Yes i think so!

In fact, I love..I love what am I having now.
I think I'm doing the right things perhaps!
I can imagine the future ,I got the scenario! yet I don't want to look back anymore! I'm just can't lift my head up and be proud of it!
There's a flaw in my life instead and I'm not going to forget it but overcome it!

That's good to know new friends,
Some of them are just so nice and kind! You know what, not everyone can share their things to other even me myself. 
But they do. So it's good to learn from them! :)

So far.. I love Mr. Booven's class! He is a good speaker, a very good instructor!
He will never let you feel sleepy during his class! He will try to give us some mini fun games to wake us up!xD
He was my "speak up" class's instructor!
Before the class, I was effin nervous since when I heard my friend- Scha, who are from the other batch told me that during the speak up class we have to talk in public and one more session is given us 3 minutes to talk by picking a random topic from a box!
Haha! It was just so freaking fun man! My speech was talk about pets! I think I'm consider as the lucky one? haha.. I have no idea what should I start my speech yet I did done the speech for more than 3 minutes! I can't even recall back the speech, what the hell I spoke for that 3 minutes? xD
Anyways, I did it!
What's next!?
Okay, this was the more easier than the previous stage for me. My instructor gave us some times to think about the speech for 5 minutes and this time we can decide what we want to talk!
I chose to story telling and I going to talk about my family. so I put my topic as My family.

During the preparation, I don't have to memorize it since it was my true story and I think everything is going well. I just followed what my instructor told me to set an introduction, 3 main points, and closing. That's it.
I'm the third person to present it and you know what my hands were shivering!
By the way, once i started , my nervousness was getting calm and calm and one thing that i couldn't expected was I cried! I cried during my speech! Damn, this was so embarrassing when everyone looking at you and waiting for you to continue your speech. I tried my best to control my tears and I tried to finish my story as well.
I got a big big claps from my batchmates after I ended my story and my instructor came in front of me to give me a "high five"!
And guess what! my friends were cried too! OMG, how come! You know what, the feeling was actually damn freaking great when i saw they cried with me! *devil smile* haha! It's because i knew they were seriously listened to my story and that's why they got themselves in that shit and there's doesn't matter even we actually just know each other like about 2 weeks! Anyways, my instructor told me that next time not to tell those story that too emotional unless I can manage it well. =*
I'm looking forward to my speak up class Day 2! hehe! it will be more and more fun i guess.

0100 .. time passed so fast! Gonna get my ass off and It's time to sleep ady! Nanight peeps and my love.:)

Friday, October 5, 2012

05.10.2012 : Think twice.

Waiting..waiting..and waiting..
Whether it's success or fail, can just let me know? instead of wasting my time to wait for the so called Golden Call.. lol..

Lost the direction.
yet the world is full of fun right?
Be an optimist , 
think positive, look forward , 
and live with hopes.
One day, you will see..

So much of conflicts between us recently.
Different thoughts? or I shouldn't be too stubborn sometime.. somehow..
Regret didn't talk nicely before he get off from my car. 
At the end, only can watched him from the side mirror.
And now he is in Jakarta.
I wonder why.
Yet I love Today's morning! 
i mean before the "something" happened. LOL~
Anyways, I do miss him so much! :(