Tuesday, May 11, 2010

tHe 1st tiMee~^^

yeah...juz create a blog~^^
i'm have been a long time didn't write blog..since facebook are getting popular than friendster..><"
And my diary book so..i'm stop in sudden (becoz of i'm lazy) and kl life is damn busying~so might be 4get~keke~@@

since i am 11 years old..i'm begining my 1st diary in my beloved diary book~but then nw i think my diary book ady full of spider web as well...lolx><

A long long holidays i have nw...whats to do?i dunno..seem this question like always spiral in my mind..part time job part time job...yup!that's what i recently busying~but then...y my life become so boring and colorless?=="