Monday, April 2, 2012

Never ever.

Sorry to my lovely blog!
apologized that i had been "abandon you" for that long! ><''

Final exam - Done!
Sem break - Begin!

hahaha! This is sooo great!
Because I got a holidays for like roughly about one month.
In fact,
It's kinda awesome when you finally can rest like a boss partay like nobody after you work so hard!
What to do during this sem break?
Thinking... Thinking...

Last Saturday had a sweet day with my love one!
My suipo's 21st Birthday Party!
Guess I gonna save lots of money to prepare presents for my friends as I'm now 21st yrs old!
Oh no!
I can't believe that! Where's my 18 19 ?
what had I done for the last previous years ? @@
arghhh~ !!