Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Cutie Eu~xD

OMFG~~~~ I look more cutie compare to previous?!LMAO~
yes..i think so!!!hahaha...
Never Try Never Know!!
Imma just cut my hair with my buddy fish today!
A new look definitely make people feel like having a New Life...!
So,are you ready for your new life huh?^^
Anyways,may wish that this hair style could bring me some lucky days~
since my result gonna release sooOOn~xD

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Well...Imma just back from cinema and I watched this movie just now!LoL~
Frankly, I don't really like to watch any animation film in CINEMA!
It's seems like wasting money to watch a movie which don't really need those sound effect..visual effect and so on....that's why I always ignore this type of movie when I make my choice..

I was definitely forced by someone to watch it..and he didn't even give me a chance to say NO!Ishh~
In fact,he gave me a worst reason ever that I can't reject him at all!><
by the way, I have to admit that the movie ain't bad since he keep saying the story line is good..very attractive..the expression of those cartoon characters are cute and so on..haha...okay...fine,you are right~^^

Overall the movie was pretty nice.....So,thanks you for brought me to watch such an awesome movie..

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Asher Book - Try

have you guys listen it before?
Yes?No? the play button and try to feel it!
you'll know how awesome it will bring to you!
for me,It's simply sweet and touch!!=)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sem Break

Two weeks left for my sem break..
stay at hometown..nothing special yet it's just like a gain weight trip for me..
everyday like a Princess sleep until noon...then have my else?playing rammi..XD
that's so called life right? could I slim down lea~~~TT

This weekend needa back KL shift all my stuff to my new house! excited!!><
I like to decorate how my room look like..arrange where to put my stuff...etc..~simply make me so interesting with it!^^
My new room is much more bigger than my previous room!guess what..the rental fees is more cheaper than my previous one!And the main point is CLEAN&TIDY!
It seems like I can breathe in FRESH air...yawn also will become less..xD

9th May..
cant wait for that day!=)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

sharing Eu's feeling~

Last week seems like a busy week for me....
I finished my final test on last Tuesday...and yeah..I'm having my sem break now...ngekXD
well..what else i busy on somemore?
my part time job!..
my very first freelance job was PC fair 2010 on 16th under KINGSTON company...
and PC fair 2011,15th April...
I'm work under KINGSTON company again....haha...
how loyalty am I?...
anyways,It's have alot of fun while working with them...I do really enjoyed!^^

Something I would like to share here..
the three day working at PC fair I sat opposite the fountain after my work..
I saw many fun and cute couple passed by in front of me...
It's such a view that I feel like er..most natural?..everyone doing their stuff without any pretending?..
some couple are really look so match..but some aren't...anyways,SO what?!at least they are loving each other right?
pretty gal ain't should couple with handsome boy..
It's not a MUST..
please ignore your selfish minded..and those perfect fantasy..
Life can be so simple when you trying to live your life without any pretending!Enjoy it to the fullest as you can!
and so I'm trying hard right now~><''
LOOK~my darling!XD

15th April,my darling birthday..and we celebrated at mist club..
before i talk about that night..I would like to say,Darling,happy Birthday ya^^
well,I went to club after my work with a tiring body!and it's made me feel so weird because I needa wake up early in da morning on the next day!I got no choice, how dare that I absent for my darling's bday party?!XD
btw,It's really tired and unwilling to wake up even the alarm already snoozed for dunno how many times..So,it end up with made me late to work..for about 30 minutes..><''..used to it?I guess so...Frankly,I ain't a punctual gal!XD
That night was like such an impossible night to my B gang!cause I gave them a bery big surprise!><''

~I can be tough..I can be strong..But with you It's not like that at all..~
nice lyrics!I like it!...cause so one can beat me down..i means that such a long time I didn't crying for someone!haha...actually It's a good thing right?I have no idea..=.=
sometimes I did like the feel when my tears drop from my I crazy?
perhaps that I too long never cry?I nearly forget what the hell feeling when I am crying!LOL~

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A colorful day~

o~leh~~oleh oleh could I so hyper at this moment??
my examination ain't finish lea.......still got one last paper which on next Tuesday..XD...
However,that's the paper that I worry the most!!!cause I get a bery bery worst result for my coursework....FML...seriously, it was like a heavy blow....T.T
guess I needa put more effort on it..IF not I think I needa log in to bless><

not really sleep well during last night due to the examination...
yet I did felt a bit happy after read my paper today...><..may wish that I could get an APPLE lu..amitofo^^
I'm keep asking my dear Mc and my dii that should I go for the casting the end,yes,I did went to Midvalley for trying those costume..
I having my brunch alone at is meaningless without talking to anyone..T.T
haha..someone trying to give me surprise...but too bad..I'm too clever and of cause I know him well so that I could predict it and read his mind..XD
We hang around the crowd with xxxxxxx your xxxx....And captured our pretty face opposite a silly guyXD..It's really sweet actually,don't you feel it?

overall...I definitely end up with Exhausted again...LOL...anyways,everything is worth when all the things came to me smoothly...

What's next?!
come on..of cause is my SS picha lu!!ngek ngek^^


Sweetie Ines with me=)



Saturday, April 2, 2011

01/04/2011-April Fool

I suppose to have so damn much to say...
since today happened something that out of my expectation..but dunno why,don't really feel like share it to anyone..==
hmm..let's talk something about it la since it's a good memories to me though..
I woke up and you was here..just slept right beside me..nope..should say that you made some noisy sound which that you don't really wish to but too bad it's already disturbed enough to wake a person up and yeah I saw you..anyways,I like it..><
like the way you wake me up?or like the way you surprise me?anything la...just simple that I felt happy to see you..=)
By the way,I don't really agree that you do it often cause it will make me too depend on you and I will stuck in somehow......
once I too depend on you..then both of us might be getting suffer..cause I'm such a savage..XD
Today I went in a saloon and came out with no any changes to my sounds kinda weird right?..LOL..cause I confused that is it should I cut my hair..should I cut my fringe..should I do this should I make that...I cant even stand strong on my decision after listened his,it end up nothing..LMAO==
anyways,today I do really happy..thanks for everything that you did to me..=)
Monday is my first test-TITAS and yet I haven't do my revision bless..><