Wednesday, February 23, 2011


"If I have a wish in reality...I wish I'm not 20 years old..."
hell yeah..It's just simple the best..the sweet-est ever!

Dunno what to gonna say...just I'm so fall in love with the feeling right now..
I don't care how long it could be..
I laugh I smile....
It's seems like everything are perfect now!
don't you?
the day gonna release my sem2 result..
OMG..stress MAN!!
anyhow...It's always have an expectation before you know it..and you might very excited on it or else in despair once u get the result!that's such a funny things..don't you think so?XD

Thursday, February 17, 2011


1st of all,HAPPY VALENTINE to everyone of you~=)
haha..2011...SINGLE valentine!
Tot dinner v his family..but cancel at the end...
BTW........that's not a BIG case...coz I'm still got my Awesome gang!
I have no idea if one of us is have gf/bf..then our "dudeship" izzit will still as good as now?XD..anyways..fully enjoy now..cherish now..make it happening as we can!aha!who cares=P
Soooo...this year i got a MILKY valentine!coz we went to milk club to celebrated our Valentine Day!
After a MILKY shower....we went to GENTING for FUN...xD
Whole night no sleep...we back around 8am coz one of my fren-Key needa rushed back to sban packed his stuff and rushed to KLIA...he gonna leave to HK..
well..the time was upside down and it's screwed my life my everything honestly....but still that's so called lifeXD..

Darling V me~
Darling J v me=)
FMZ with Ethan!XD
Someone so kacau behind me!!
Vin and me!someone kacau Again!
Dear v me!
Blow water session!XD

Thursday, February 10, 2011


A very special CNY to me in this year.
how special It was?
1st,no ang pao from parents since my dad needa stayed at hospital..
2nd,no ang pao from relative since my grandma pass away have
n't reach 1 year.
3rd,my reunion dinner ate at hospital.
4th,most of my meal during CNY oso having with my frens,with my sis'bf family otherwise.
5th,no reunion dinner at my grandpa house during the 1st day of CNY.
6th,I'm single!!!wahahahahahaXD

An awesome night with them!
Lou sang v THEM!
Them at Key's house=)
gathering once a year!XD
I'm a good girl!!XD
Them in da Eu's house=)
Dad n sista^^ =)
2nd day of CNY;)
1st day of CNY:)

more few days then needa back to col...hmm,my new sem's time table quite nice yet It's quite pack though! sad that monday I having 8am class even It's only lecture class..but then It's more impotant than tutorial class instead.btw,hopefully that I wont miss itXD

ANYWAYS.......Happy CNY everyone!