Monday, March 21, 2011


uh huh~!
I found out something that I shouldn't saw it...XD
I felt so sweet when I read every single words that you wrote!It's really freaking me out!anyways,It meant so much to me!Thanks~=)

you seems like prefect to me..
you take care on me..even more than yourself..
you did something that didn't happen to me before..
but somehow..
I feel confuse though..

I ain't that good that u thought..
I know that I shouldn't make any comparison..
I know that I shouldn't stubborn on something that I wish to..
but somehow..
the things were just pop up on my mind.. team-Artslife BOOM terminal 2 last saturday!><
I did enjoy when help my group to complete their performance with my buddy-Chloe!
Perhaps that not really good enough..but so what!XD
The next Event will be held on JUNE!
stay tune people!=)

recently what I pik cek is my phone!lol..
wish to change a new one..but I got no enough of $$...><
so..needa work hard and own an Iphone for myself!<3

now ady week week more then needa sit for my final!
OMG~It's just so terrible fast!
and I am not ready YET!!
seriously,I don't like short sem!It's so stress to me!

Monday, March 14, 2011

you and him..

when I'm are the one who cheer me up...
when I'm are the one who lead me to the right way..
wonder know if u're not by my side anymore..then what will happen?
dxx...this is for you...=)

Friends are so important to fact,it meant everything to me..
i'm so disappointed how could you treat me like that..
talk to me like talk to a I?
replying my message as short until I worry and wonder what happen between us...
I thought you are the one who is categories in my buddy's list..
I really thought that you are one of my true friend..
even sometimes I not really happy with your attitude..not really agree what you said..
but it's you..and you just sharing your feeling to yourself in front of me..
so,I accept it by hiding the real feeling from me..and try to telling you what you should do what you shouldn't..
I did appreciate you!
I remember that,
when I'm in bery worst situation..I did gave you a call and told you I'm lost my direction..asked you what should I do now..I'm remember that time I almost became a mad lady I felt the doomsday came to me as well...@@dunno why,I pressed your number and pressed the call button..
Is that so called true friend?
I doubt....for now..from now onward..