Thursday, November 18, 2010

The day went out v my darling and dear..XD

Today went to Tropicana mall to redeem our prize which won in one of the contest..XD..but we get nothing in da end cause needa go to the main outlet which located at Solaris Dutamas..Well..we don't know the road to decide to go on next week after do some research!><
Hmm..we went to 1u after those disappointed stuff....guess what?!
sure went for shopping la come on...we're not the special ladies..we still like to shop everywhere just like what a girl like to...~
2day I just realized that my darling-eva like to U-turn when she driving to somewhere~so cute la..haha... Darling..this is for youuu~~^^

Recently addicted to it!ate before the journey!=)

The only choice....XD

haha...It's not allow to capture photo..but v did it still and so we get warning by one of the staff...>< silly...but it's fun!XD

My dear-MC=)

Well...this is the SS picha~~~~~haha...

I owned a high heel for myself...It's quite expensive..but still I bought it...==
Finished the shopping session...we went to cheras pasar malam-connaught..started to hunting our dinner at there~~~haha=)
Didn't take any photo there....4get..><''

Friday, November 12, 2010


Well..I dunno what to write actually...but still I wrote!
a very great feeling that i have now...listening to the MIX fm via astro channel855..playing "need you now" from Lady Antebellum..hugging my "xiong xiong" tightly as how long I didn't touch "him" for a bloody long time ago...and so my puppy-a Man is beside me...
feel enjoy yet it's I crazy?hell no..the night is still young as how often my friend said it to me...
hmm..all the little tests are coming one by one even two in the same week..same day... It's a easy test yet it make me feel stress still...
yea..stay happy v my new classmates need alone all the time..
but still...I missed my old classmates so much that more than you can imagine...I still rmb very clearly that how we did something crazy in the class during tutorial or lecture lesson..they know I'm the one who are make noise always in the class yet they never ever called me shut my mouth up but telling me they missed my voice..without it they might feel izzit something or someone missing?!
and u know what....
i don't need to worry about if the class on tmr is gonna cancel and I still blur blur go to col...cause my fren sure will inform me as one of them which in my "gang" is class rep....XD...It's great to gang v class rep.. u may get many benefit from it!XD
but now...hmm..yea..I'm good v my new class rep...but seem like not as good as laz time hw close me v my gang...It's doesn't matter actually...I might become more and more independent someday somehow....=)

Playing "no promises" from shayne ward now... make me think of someone...someone that I should appreciated him..cherish each other as well..time never turn back because of you little for to feel's a past and he stay happy now...that's the point=)