Thursday, November 18, 2010

The day went out v my darling and dear..XD

Today went to Tropicana mall to redeem our prize which won in one of the contest..XD..but we get nothing in da end cause needa go to the main outlet which located at Solaris Dutamas..Well..we don't know the road to decide to go on next week after do some research!><
Hmm..we went to 1u after those disappointed stuff....guess what?!
sure went for shopping la come on...we're not the special ladies..we still like to shop everywhere just like what a girl like to...~
2day I just realized that my darling-eva like to U-turn when she driving to somewhere~so cute la..haha... Darling..this is for youuu~~^^

Recently addicted to it!ate before the journey!=)

The only choice....XD

haha...It's not allow to capture photo..but v did it still and so we get warning by one of the staff...>< silly...but it's fun!XD

My dear-MC=)

Well...this is the SS picha~~~~~haha...

I owned a high heel for myself...It's quite expensive..but still I bought it...==
Finished the shopping session...we went to cheras pasar malam-connaught..started to hunting our dinner at there~~~haha=)
Didn't take any photo there....4get..><''

Friday, November 12, 2010


Well..I dunno what to write actually...but still I wrote!
a very great feeling that i have now...listening to the MIX fm via astro channel855..playing "need you now" from Lady Antebellum..hugging my "xiong xiong" tightly as how long I didn't touch "him" for a bloody long time ago...and so my puppy-a Man is beside me...
feel enjoy yet it's I crazy?hell no..the night is still young as how often my friend said it to me...
hmm..all the little tests are coming one by one even two in the same week..same day... It's a easy test yet it make me feel stress still...
yea..stay happy v my new classmates need alone all the time..
but still...I missed my old classmates so much that more than you can imagine...I still rmb very clearly that how we did something crazy in the class during tutorial or lecture lesson..they know I'm the one who are make noise always in the class yet they never ever called me shut my mouth up but telling me they missed my voice..without it they might feel izzit something or someone missing?!
and u know what....
i don't need to worry about if the class on tmr is gonna cancel and I still blur blur go to col...cause my fren sure will inform me as one of them which in my "gang" is class rep....XD...It's great to gang v class rep.. u may get many benefit from it!XD
but now...hmm..yea..I'm good v my new class rep...but seem like not as good as laz time hw close me v my gang...It's doesn't matter actually...I might become more and more independent someday somehow....=)

Playing "no promises" from shayne ward now... make me think of someone...someone that I should appreciated him..cherish each other as well..time never turn back because of you little for to feel's a past and he stay happy now...that's the point=)

Sunday, September 12, 2010


You know what...
It was awesome!
My Team-ArtsLife..
just like my 2nd home..
A home which bring you a right way & happiness..which guide you lotsa of knowledges..Which train you to be a capable person..etc=)
My Team partners-ArtsLifenian..
just like my family members..
A partner who caring you to the max..who willing straighten you out while you facing troubles..who wipe away all your tears..etc=)
I'm not trying to flatter my team immensely..JUst what I'm say is da truth..The truth which hiding in my deep deep heart reconditely..
I do really like my my partners..
My schedule is enrichment becoz of YOU..
My life is great becoz of YOU..
My world is awesome becoz of YOU..

ARTSLIFE's future is waiting us to make it happening..+oil~^^v

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A buSy daY..=)

Today I slept until 2pm..XD
haha..This is why I always 4-5am only fall asleep...
My time is totally upside's screwed up my life actually...
what can I do..?SLEEP is my favourite hobby perhaps..hugging my pillow..enjoying the air-cond..who else willing to wake up in this situation..?XD..
After that I ate my BRUNCH alone..cause it was nobody home..always!..
2day my phone keep ringing~you know what!Most of them calling me for asking more information about my camp since the newspaper did published the camp advertisement..
5.++pm..I went to printing shop and went to's 7pm already..
I need to fly back home cause I have a dinner with my beloved family at The Legend Hotel-PD..
After reached home I have no time to bath and I went without changing a new cloth and draw on contact-lens...==''

The Legend Hotel..


rRrghh..I posted it because of my sista~she will knew why I posted!XDD

My sista^^

My mum..^^
(She look a little bit chubby hereXD..And has a FREEZE smile cause forced by me for tooking this..BTW..look cute still..=))

haha..NOOB face..

NIce...If we're came early...then won't just only ate this amount!

Prawn prawn..I gonna eat YOU lur~ngek ngek..

p/s=sorry to daddy,ping and ying...cause i didn't took u guys photo..ngek..dun be jealous ya~><

Saturday, September 4, 2010






Sunday, August 22, 2010


A life without friends tat's pity..lonely..colourless..
Tat's why I have a lot of friend..I have many different "gang" of friends..
"Friend"..yea..I have a much as infinity amount..
A good question here..What about true friend?
I think just have within 10 perhaps..

sometimes SOME friends are just like act in all da time as well as a professional drama queen/king..
This minute could be so close with you and called you with a nice appellation as sweet as dear?buddy?babe?

BUT..what about the next second?
they might asperse you behind..spread slanderous rumour..
they even can created a new plot of story themselve but not da truth that what they're actually saw!
how irritating and horrible it was!
you know..The power of retail gossip could be extremely fast as
some friend are not simple as ABC..
you need to defence sometimes to protect yourself..
what's the point we need to act like this?
all those are very important to maintain a PERFECT friendship as well...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Need u guys to give some SUPPORT~^^~

Guess what...hmmm..yea~It's a new experience for me that I've mentioned laz time in FB~
I take part in a beauty competition {i guess}..v my beloved babe~It's Ifeel Girl Search for 2010~
I had been selected by them-(Organizer) to attend the 1st audition..yeah..It can consider as I'm quite LUCKY..I guess..
Hmm..b4 that I'm still confused that I should go for the 1st audition anot since I dunno what
to present for the TALENT part...cause I have no talent at all..XD
At the end..I decided to give a chance to improved myself and try learn something else from decided went for the audition!
omg..It's early in da morning..7am~I'm woke up and prepare all da things AND gonna started the JOURNNEY.. darling J came to fetch me to audition..Thanks a lot..
On the way~

My darling J~

It's quite nervous and funny..haha..btw..I want to say THANKS again to my precious fren
becoz of teaching me to be a temporary magician~well..tat's what I'm presented in the talent part..=)
after the audition..I went to sushi zanmai for my BRUNCH v the others
I admit that I am a TALKATIVE to annoying around~but so far...they're CRAZY too..haha..I cant imagine that how absurd they were!btw..I love them!
Eulise in da zanmai..^^

Emily..Eulise..Evyan..Kei...3 E vs 1 K.....wahaha=)

Ifeel gesture~


OMG!!..I'm juz answered a call from IFeel while I'm focusing to decorate my blog..
Pheewit~I'm shocked becoz I had been selected to be one of the 12 Finalist!as I LUCK still by my side..=)

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Yes,I'm feel jealous to somebody else.
Yes,I'm feel envy to those who are sweeting v his/her partner right now.
Yes,I'm feel fxcking lost.
Yes,I'm feel damn antipathy what my "LOVE" story going on now.

YES YES YES..I"m seriously feel that!

It's definitely make me CONFUSING~


what to do?==''

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Something or maybe Someone might keep in my heart reconditely..
It's means I have to face a new experience in my life..and ever 4get!Because it is too "SPECIAL" for me..><'
I hate it..but I may need to accept this I said the truth always is the cruel..
Sometimes might knock me down but these are the moments that I'm gonna remember most..I'm happy I met you..
No one will know what would happen in the'll appreciate what I have now and just fully enjoy those all things~^^

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

tHe 1st tiMee~^^

yeah...juz create a blog~^^
i'm have been a long time didn't write blog..since facebook are getting popular than friendster..><"
And my diary book so..i'm stop in sudden (becoz of i'm lazy) and kl life is damn busying~so might be 4get~keke~@@

since i am 11 years old..i'm begining my 1st diary in my beloved diary book~but then nw i think my diary book ady full of spider web as well...lolx><

A long long holidays i have nw...whats to do?i dunno..seem this question like always spiral in my mind..part time job part time job...yup!that's what i recently busying~but then...y my life become so boring and colorless?=="