Thursday, October 6, 2011

6 OCT 2011

This brand new life seriously I don't like it!
I wonder is it I'm a Virgo so that I wish to see everything is perfect?
I feel weird when I back home but don't see my dad is around.
I hate but when I look at my mum, I know I shouldn't think like that cause my mum need us!

Something I realize that my brother's attitude seems like changed!
He stay at home more often compare to the previous him!
Last time my dad always nagging why his son like to had his dinner at outside but not dinner with him!why his son always overnight at others house but not at home!
I wonder why my brother can't change it when my dad is still here and how much he wish his son can dinner with him together!

Maybe this is so called human being.
In time of test, Family are the best!
We don't choose family. They are God's gift to us,as we are to them!:)