Sunday, August 22, 2010


A life without friends tat's pity..lonely..colourless..
Tat's why I have a lot of friend..I have many different "gang" of friends..
"Friend"..yea..I have a much as infinity amount..
A good question here..What about true friend?
I think just have within 10 perhaps..

sometimes SOME friends are just like act in all da time as well as a professional drama queen/king..
This minute could be so close with you and called you with a nice appellation as sweet as dear?buddy?babe?

BUT..what about the next second?
they might asperse you behind..spread slanderous rumour..
they even can created a new plot of story themselve but not da truth that what they're actually saw!
how irritating and horrible it was!
you know..The power of retail gossip could be extremely fast as
some friend are not simple as ABC..
you need to defence sometimes to protect yourself..
what's the point we need to act like this?
all those are very important to maintain a PERFECT friendship as well...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Need u guys to give some SUPPORT~^^~

Guess what...hmmm..yea~It's a new experience for me that I've mentioned laz time in FB~
I take part in a beauty competition {i guess}..v my beloved babe~It's Ifeel Girl Search for 2010~
I had been selected by them-(Organizer) to attend the 1st audition..yeah..It can consider as I'm quite LUCKY..I guess..
Hmm..b4 that I'm still confused that I should go for the 1st audition anot since I dunno what
to present for the TALENT part...cause I have no talent at all..XD
At the end..I decided to give a chance to improved myself and try learn something else from decided went for the audition!
omg..It's early in da morning..7am~I'm woke up and prepare all da things AND gonna started the JOURNNEY.. darling J came to fetch me to audition..Thanks a lot..
On the way~

My darling J~

It's quite nervous and funny..haha..btw..I want to say THANKS again to my precious fren
becoz of teaching me to be a temporary magician~well..tat's what I'm presented in the talent part..=)
after the audition..I went to sushi zanmai for my BRUNCH v the others
I admit that I am a TALKATIVE to annoying around~but so far...they're CRAZY too..haha..I cant imagine that how absurd they were!btw..I love them!
Eulise in da zanmai..^^

Emily..Eulise..Evyan..Kei...3 E vs 1 K.....wahaha=)

Ifeel gesture~


OMG!!..I'm juz answered a call from IFeel while I'm focusing to decorate my blog..
Pheewit~I'm shocked becoz I had been selected to be one of the 12 Finalist!as I LUCK still by my side..=)