Friday, October 5, 2012

05.10.2012 : Think twice.

Waiting..waiting..and waiting..
Whether it's success or fail, can just let me know? instead of wasting my time to wait for the so called Golden Call.. lol..

Lost the direction.
yet the world is full of fun right?
Be an optimist , 
think positive, look forward , 
and live with hopes.
One day, you will see..

So much of conflicts between us recently.
Different thoughts? or I shouldn't be too stubborn sometime.. somehow..
Regret didn't talk nicely before he get off from my car. 
At the end, only can watched him from the side mirror.
And now he is in Jakarta.
I wonder why.
Yet I love Today's morning! 
i mean before the "something" happened. LOL~
Anyways, I do miss him so much! :(

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